For companies involved in the flow of goods and resources, the success of day-to-day operations is critical. This is why Barton attorneys regularly provide regulatory advice and counsel to a variety of freight, logistics, distribution, and service delivery companies with operations spanning the contiguous United States and across borders.

Whether a company operates regionally or on a global scale, Barton offers services such as supply chain management, contract management, corporate restructuring, bank financings, and strategic business transactions. We frequently aid companies in the acquisitions of other freight and logistics companies, helping our clients to significantly grow their businesses and expand their operations.

Our team also handles all matters related to labor and employment law, including negotiating contracts and ensuring companies remain compliant under wage laws and the regulations set forth by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), among others.

Work in this Area


Representative Matters
  • Advised Packaged Goods and Logistics Co’s. on Business Operations
    • Has advised various clients in the packaged goods and logistics industries on multiple legal matters affecting day-to-day operations, including  licensing, distribution, and finance.
  • Aided Logistics Company in Acquisition of Freight and Delivery Company
    • Represented a national logistics company in the successful acquisition of a major freight and delivery company located on the east and west coast.
  • Counsel to Freight and Delivery Company Regarding Private Equity
    • Represented a major freight and delivery company with regard to a substantial private equity investment.
  • Facilitated Acquisitions of Companies in Bankruptcy Proceedings
    • Represented a delivery company in several acquisitions of companies in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Assisted Logistics Company with Bank Financings
    • Represented a national logistics company with regard to its substantial bank financings.
  • Oversaw Strategic Acquisition Between Freight Companies
    • Represented a freight company in the successful strategic acquisition of a prominent New Jersey-based freight company.
  • Represented National Logistics Company in Acquisition of Delivery Company
    • Represented a national logistics company in the successful acquisition of a well-known delivery company in the Midwest.
  • Aided Investment Group in Acquisition of Logistics Company
    • Represented a Middle Eastern investment group in the acquisition of a logistics business.