It's not about us,
it's about you.

Our purpose is to provide value, solve problems and foster opportunity

Yes, we will tell you (like other law firms) that our lawyers are skilled, experienced and caring. But that’s not enough. Our firm is purposefully structured to be better for our clients, lawyers and staff.

So how have we created Better Law?


We looked critically at how our industry functions (or doesn’t).


We studied the traditional legal service delivery models and their inefficiencies.

Deep Dive

We took a deep dive into law firm compensation plans and found that almost all reward production for the firm and conflict with delivering value to the client.  


We looked at law firm management and staffing structures and believe that most inhibit innovation, initiative and creativity.

We took all that learning and applied it to our fundamental commitment to providing excellence and delivering results.

The result is Better Law

It starts with our elite team of former BigLaw partners who didn’t leave their brains behind at their old firms, but who are intent on shifting the paradigm of how our clients are served.  We have rejected the traditional multi-layered and leveraged law firm model in favor of a more client-based, interpersonal approach.  We believe that a better product, value and client experience is achieved by providing highly skilled senior attorneys who work directly on client matters with appropriate support from a strong, but lean team of associate attorneys and staff.  Our management structure is flat.  Each partner has front line responsibility and ability to lead the client representation, be innovative, nimble and responsive.

Our firm compensation structure and experience allow us to offer a wide array of alternative fee arrangements. We understand that hourly billing is frequently not in our client’s best interest, nor does it necessarily represent the value of our services. Our clients provide their goods and services in a competitive marketplace, and yet they rarely, if ever, use an hourly-based pricing model. We know that clients must manage their resources and create efficiencies to stay within budget – and they want lawyers who are able to do the same.

So while we are a law firm, we are different.
Discover Better Law with us.