Media and Publishing

Barton partners with a multitude of domestic and overseas media and publishing companies, including digital media corporations, streaming services, trade book publishers, and independent presses specializing in children’s literature.

Whether a client’s goal is to utilize and innovate with today’s wealth of digital delivery platforms or to produce quality products for brick-and-mortar retail bookstores, our attorneys possess the knowledge and experience to handle the legal matters inherent in this industry.

We offer our media and publishing clients a variety of services. Our corporate attorneys assist with financial matters, including acquisition of assets, securing capital funds, and pre-seed/seed financing rounds. Our cybersecurity partners create and implement data security measures, breach response protocols, and remediation actions when necessary.

In a world where it’s becoming more evident that “content is king,” our clients’ original content is one of their most valuable assets. Barton works to protect this material by handling the full spectrum of intellectual property matters, including copyright and trademark infringement, licensing and distribution, and litigation of various other civil matters.

Work in this Area

Media and Publishing

Representative Matters
  • Represented Visual Artists in Copyright Infringement Action Against Google
    • Represented visual artists and their trade associations in one of the largest ever copyright infringement actions against Google, Inc. related to the Google Books Program.
  • Counsel to NY Media Corporations Regarding Civil Matters
    • Represented major New York-based media corporations and sports leagues in connection with a wide variety of civil matters brought by and against them in Federal and State courts.
  • Aided UK Publisher in Acquiring Assets of U.S. Trade Book Publisher
    • Represented a UK-based publisher in its acquisition of the assets of a U.S. trade book publisher, including its inventories and customer lists. The purchase was required to be completed in a particularly compressed period of time and within a strict budget, both of which we were able to accomplish.
  • Negotiated GDPR-Compliant Agreements for Global Media Company
    • Represented a global media company in negotiation of service level and vendor agreements pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR) and provided counsel in GDPR requirements and privacy/cybersecurity requirements of multiple U.S. states.
  • Represented Fund in its First U.S. Investment in a Media Tech Company
    • Represented a sovereign wealth fund in its $500,000 Seed investment into a U.S. media technology company; the fund’s first investment in the United States.
  • Represented Middle-Eastern Media Company in Seed Financing
    • Represented a Middle-Eastern media company on its Series Seed Preferred Stock Financing of $500,000 with a sovereign wealth fund investor.
  • Counsel to Family Office Investing in Video Streaming and Media Group
    • Represented a South Asian family office in various later stage venture capital investments in a Shanghai-based video streaming and media group, internet payment processing company, and U.S.-based drug development company based upon investigation of traditional Chinese medicine protocols.
  • Formed Venture Capital Funds Investing in Digital Media Co.’s
    • Handled the formation of parallel domestic and offshore venture capital funds to invest in early stage digital media companies.
  • Aided Popular Video Platform Vine from Formation to Acquisition
    • Represented Vine, a short-form video hosting service, from its formation to its acquisition by Twitter.