Watch Partner Kenneth Rashbaum Lead Cybersecurity Ethics Webinar for the Association of Corporate Counsel Westchester-Southern Connecticut

Oct 4, 2021 | Firm News

On October 19, Kenneth Rashbaum led a CLE webinar: “THE CYBERATTACK ATE MY LEGAL ADVICE: The Impact of Cybersecurity Controls on Legal Professional Privilege and the Duty of Confidentiality” in concert with the Association of Corporate Counsel Westchester-Southern Connecticut and IBM.

The discussion addressed ethical challenges of practicing law across electronic frontiers as cybercrime increases exponentially. The program covered such ethics issues as the scope of privilege protection for the reports of consultants and communications between offices in different countries and the relationship between cybersecurity controls and the requirements of reasonable care to keep legal advice confidential. Ken provided great focus on real-world, real-time developments and tips for practice and issue management for issues that could affect a company board and governance standards, as well as insurance implications, third-party risk management, and working with forensic consultants.

The webinar was moderated by Catherine Quinlan, Senior Counsel at IBM and Second Vice President of ACC Westchester-Southern Connecticut.

To watch the webinar in its entirety, please click here.