Contact Tracing, Surveillance Software & Privacy w/ Ken Rashbaum & Host Richard Levick Featured on “In House Warrior” Daily Podcast

Jun 5, 2020 | In The Media

Ken Rashbaum was interviewed on “In House Warrior,” Corporate Counsel Business Journal’s daily Podcast with host Richard Levick, concerning COVID-19 contact tracing and employee monitoring. Ken spoke on regulatory, legal, privacy and business reputation and staff morale issues in uses of COVID-19 contact tracer applications and applications that permit employers to monitor what employees do on their computers while working remotely. He explains how these are concerns that are shared across the aisle and the pond. Several Members of the UK Parliament recently submitted a report indicating the EU privacy principles (codified in the UK after Brexit) that must govern the use of such monitoring. Currently in the US, a New York state senator is finalizing a bill that will restrict uses of data obtained in contact tracing, and four Republican US senators have co-sponsored a similar bill in Congress. Employer surveillance of employees working remotely is already within the jurisdiction of data protection laws in the EU and other countries and also in a number of states. To listen to this podcast, please click here.