• Business minded and results oriented

    “Barton has business people trained as lawyers. They understand how to get a deal done.”
    -Dave McTague, former CEO Cole Haan

  • Setting a standard above and beyond

    “Barton is in the top tier of firms we employ.”
    -Managing Director, GCP Capital Partners, LLC

  • Responsive and efficient

    “Barton is there when I need them to get the job done, on time and on budget. They are my go to firm in the USA.”
    -Nick True, Chairman, TLC Marketing Worldwide, London

Recent News

Barton LLP Nationally Recognized As One Of 10 Firms Giving BigLaw A Run For Its Money

Law360 featured Barton as one of “10 boutiques that have established brands on par with the biggest of firms” who are “capable of competing with – and beating – the best big firms at the highest level.” The article cites a growing trend among law firm boutiques that “encroach on big firms’ territory by blending …

Partner Maurice N. Ross Quoted in Law360 and Courthouse News in Relation to Rubik’s Cube Trademark Dispute

Maurice N. Ross, quoted in both Law360 and Courthouse News, asserted that too often, companies are using trademarks for expired patent rights in an anti-competitive attempt to monopolize markets and restrict competition. This is contrary to the public interest. Companies that knowingly attempt to enforce invalid IP rights are engaging in illegal conduct that should …

Litigators Mathew E. Hoffman and Jason A. Cohen Quoted in “Architectural Digest” and Bloomberg.com in Connection with Barton’s Representation of an Art Dealer Sued by Sotheby’s

In question, a $6.5 Million Keith Haring Painting – Mathew E. Hoffman and Jason A. Cohen quoted in both Architectural Digest and Bloomberg.com on this dynamic court case.

Partner Maurice N. Ross, Quoted in Financial Advisor, Warns Against Insufficient Brand Protection

Maurice N. Ross, quoted in Financial Advisor’s recent report, “Wave of Lawsuits Proves Dangerous for Advisors and Their Brands, ”  warns that advisors who don’t put the time and effort into protecting their unique brands risk mounting legal competition as RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) proliferate.  To read the entire article, click here.

Partner James E. Heavey Quoted in Investment News with His Impressions of Recent Advisor Transition Litigation and the Impact of Recent Notable Broker-Dealer Departures

James E. Heavey was interviewed by Investment News addressing the increase of  litigation and the impact on brokers as a result of recent departures from the Protocol for Broker Recruiting.

Uber Hack – WSJ Quotes Partner Kenneth N. Rashbaum Regarding the Recent Disclosure of Uber’s 2016 Cybersecurity Incident

Kenneth N. Rashbaum offered his comments to the Wall Street Journal regarding Uber’s November 22nd disclosure that they were hacked in 2016 and the potential legal ramifications of Uber’s delayed admission.