A Message to Our Readers

Jan 28, 2021 | Blog

2020 has been quite the journey. In many ways, it has been a constantly evolving set of challenges that we as a country have had to face head-on. But despite the uncertainty and anxiety caused by the pandemic, the economy, and the election, we have also witnessed many great displays of resolve and resilience—from those who have worked on the front lines, to those who have lent helping hands in their communities, to those who have found innovative and creative ways to stay in touch with the people that matter.

While the pandemic has affected everyone in different ways, it has also impacted us in many of the same ways as well. We’ve all had to adapt to new technology, new methods of communicating, and new ways of socializing. Although the events of 2020 have done much to keep us physically apart, they have subsequently given us all a shared experience during these unusual times. One can but hope that this collective experience, this point of common ground, will serve as a unifying force in the days ahead.

And as we head further into 2021, there is certainly reason for hope. As the vaccine rollout continues and spring waits just around the corner, a return to some sense of normalcy seems imminent. While much is still unknown, 2021 promises to be a year of new beginnings, with the same resilience and innovation that carried us through the uncharted waters of 2020 continuing to carry us as we move forward into calmer waters together.

Roger E. Barton
Managing Partner