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Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Creditors' Rights

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Represented Creditors’ Committee in the Chapter 11 case of HPG International, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer in the plastics industry with annual revenues in excess of $100 million;

Represented the Creditors’ Committee in the Chapter 11 cases of retailer, Oskar Huber, Inc. and its affiliates;

Represented creditor, a New York-based construction management company, in connection with the bankruptcy of a 45-story luxury hotel and residential mixed-use complex in mid-Manhattan valued in excess of $100 million;

Represented Chapter 11 debtor with an annual revenue of more than $60 million, developed under the federal “No Child Left Behind” law to provide special education and tutorial services, principally to urban school districts, throughout the United States;

Defeated debtor’s demands for additional payments and obtained post-petition manufacture and delivery of a satellite for the Japanese Government in the bankruptcy case of Loral Space and Communications, Ltd.;

Filed successful (i) objection to Enron’s financing application, (ii) request for appointment of an examiner, and (ii) request for extrication of Enron N.A. from the Enron global cash management system, resulting in the appointment of Harrison Goldin as examiner and ultimately, a higher distribution for Enron N.A. creditors;

Represented bank group in debt and equity capital restructure of a syndicated $23 million asset-based credit facility involving a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment;

Represented Steering Committee of secured lenders in debt restructuring of $80 million asset-based credit facility of manufacturer of outdoor apparel and equipment under threat of competing pre-packaged bankruptcy of institutional borrower;

Represented secured lender in restructure of $16 million multi-tranche term and revolving debt facility and eventual LSTA-based sale of borrower, a global leader in enterprise contact-center systems technology;

Served as national bankruptcy counsel to Worldcom, Inc. prior to its own bankruptcy case;

Represented CIT as lender and equipment lessor in numerous out-of-court restructures and bankruptcy cases, including Norvergence, Inc.;

Represented several regional banks in numerous matters, including bankruptcies and “lender liability” cases;

Represented private equity firm in numerous investments in distressed companies;

Represented hedge funds in distressed corporate financing and bankruptcy situations, including bankruptcy-related litigation;

Represented Lucas Aerospace in its acquisition of Tracor Aviation, a Chapter 11 debtor, for $27 million;

Represented manufacturing company in successful out-of court restructures;

Represented insurance company in bankruptcy case of insured and defeated trustee’s attempt to compel insurer to renew policies;

Represented two large restaurant franchisors in bankruptcies of several franchisees;

Represented single asset real estate debtors;

Represented the equity committee in Prime Motor Inns Inc.;

Represented the equity committee in Allegheny International, Inc.; and

Represented proprietary school as debtor in bankruptcy.