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Practice Areas

Privacy and Cybersecurity

We utilize our experience in the flows of information in business and professional settings to assist clients in understanding and complying with the various laws and standards that regulate the collection, use, sharing and protection of personal data, as well as records management and information governance. Our services in this regard include:

    • Counsel to assist in meeting all U.S. federal and state privacy and information management requirements and international data protection laws, as well as the security and data safeguard requirements of other nations in which the organization does business or has facilities.


    • Compliance, risk, and management assessment audits including preparation of data flow maps, legal and regulatory framework for defensible policies and information security policies and procedures, and preparation of training materials and delivery of workforce training on those protocols.


    • Identification of theft prevention, breach response, mitigation, and notification requirements for the states and countries whose laws and regulations may apply to a breach.


    • Vetting of technical vendors, including IT forensics and related experts, and preparation and review of service level agreements.


    • Data Breach Response Hotline that immediately connects clients to a team member who will assess the crisis and implement measures, assemble the appropriate team of professionals to handle the situation, and begin the process of remediation of a security breach.


  • Defense of actions and regulatory proceedings brought against business and professional organizations and practices as a result of breaches, including those brought under federal laws such as Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and HIPAA, as well as individual state and local consumer protection laws.