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Mathew E. Hoffman

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Mathew E. Hoffman

212.885.8861 mhoffman@bartonesq.com
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Mathew E. Hoffman is a litigator with over 30 years of experience handling complex commercial litigations, mediations, and arbitrations. He practices at both the trial and appellate level in the federal and state courts. Mat’s practice includes securities litigations and SEC investigations, FINRA and AAA arbitrations, breach of contract matters, discrimination claims, products liability, takeover litigation, estate and real estate litigation, employee breach of duty and trade secrets claims, as well as a specialty in fine arts litigation.

Mat has represented clients as varied as the National Basketball Association, La-Z-Boy, Hansel ‘N Gretel meats, the American Society of Travel Agents, Art Finance Partners and Kaufman Brothers. In one widely reported matter, Mat recovered in excess of $18 million for a former general counsel of a publicly listed company.

While Mat can and does represent clients in hard fought litigations, he takes particular pride in the fact that clients look to him to find sound business solutions and resolutions to their disputes. He credits his years of service on the board of directors of a public corporation with sensitizing him to the practical decisions that clients face in litigation.

Mat has been a member of the Commercial Litigation and Law and Children Committees of the New York State Bar Association. He has spoken for the Bar on Enforcement of Judgments and for various groups on products liability issues. His cases have been featured on the front page of The New York Law Journal, in the New York Times and on ABC News, and Mat’s published works have been reprinted internationally.

Before joining Barton, Mat was the head of litigation department at Todtman, Nachamie, Spizz and Johns, PC.

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Industry Experience


  • Represented Company in Union Arbitrations, Bias Claims
    • Represented the vending company at Yankee Stadium successfully in both union arbitrations and against bias claims.
Commercial Litigation
  • Obtained Judgement of Over $17 Million in Breach of Contract Case
    • Represented the general counsel of a corporation who was suing his former employer for breach of contract. Obtained and collected a judgment of over $17 million, affirmed by the Second Circuit. [Health Chem v. Baker, 915 F.2d 805 (2d Cir. 1990)]
  • Obtained Dismissal of RICO Suit
    • Represented a major shareholder of a corporation in obtaining a dismissal of a RICO suit, which was affirmed by the Second Circuit. [Gilmore v. Gilmore, 503 F.Appx. 97 (2d Cir. 2012)]
  • Obtained Seven-Figure Settlement in RICO Case
    • Obtained a seven-figure settlement in a RICO case involving a corporation whose executive vice president was involved in a bribery scheme.
  • Resolved Disputes Involving Closely Held Corporations
    • Represented family members in a number of disputes involving closely held corporations in the furniture business and investments.
  • Restrained Lender from Selling Millions Worth of Art
    • Represented an art dealer and collector in successfully restraining the sale of art worth millions of dollars by a lender. The restraint was affirmed by the First Department where the court found that a sale leaseback arrangement was, more probably than not, a loan. [Shagalov v. Edelman, 2018 NY Slip Op 03240 (1st Dep’t 2018)]
  • Represented Furniture Manufacturers in Personal Injury Suits
    • Represented Underwriters Laboratories and La-Z-Boy recliners successfully in a number of personal injury suits.
  • Obtained Favorable Judgments to Collect on Art Loans
    • Represented an art lender in a number of suits to collect on art loans and successfully obtained several judgments in excess of a million dollars plus attorney’s fees.
  • Had Major Art Dealer Held in Contempt
    • Had a major art dealer held in contempt for failure to adhere to discovery orders.
  • Defended Executives Against Claim Made by Former Employer
    • Represented former executives of a corporation in a claim that they breached their alleged non-compete agreements and breached their fiduciary duties in founding a new firm. While the former executives were sued for over $40 million, they ended up collecting damages from their former employer.
  • Enabled NBA Team to Move States Successfully
    • Represented the National Basketball Association and successfully enabled the league to move the New Orleans Jazz to Utah.
  • Obtained Multi-Million Dollar Trial Judgement
    • Represented an investor whose stock trader had breached his contract. Obtained a multi-million-dollar trial judgment against the stock trader on the investor’s behalf.
  • Counsel to Clients in SEC Litigations
    • Represented broker dealers and investment advisers before the Securities and Exchange Commission and in litigation.
  • Defended Against Antitrust Claims
    • Represented a number of prominent clients accused of antitrust violations.
  • Counsel to Modeling Studio in Landlord Tenant Action
    • Represented a major modeling studio in landlord tenant action against Chelsea Piers and in various breach of contract disputes.
  • Has Successfully Defended Multiple Corporate Securities Cases
    • Has successfully brought and defended individual securities cases, derivative cases, and class actions in federal and state courts throughout the United States, including New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and Minnesota. Has been involved in litigations involving corporate takeovers and proxy fights involving companies in diverse industries, such as Dan River Mills, Marshall Fields, Standard Metals, Edudata, Dorsey, and Texas America Energy.