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READ THE POLICY: Cyber Insurance Decision Casts Doubt on Coverage for Cyber Attack

In one of the first published decisions on the scope of cyber risk coverage, Utah has cast doubt on whether coverage pursuant to standard “wrongful act” definitions in cyber policies provides coverage for damages stemming from cyber attacks, particularly under cyber policies fashioned as “errors and omissions.” On May 11, the United States District Court …

Healthcare Big Data Just Got a Lot Bigger: Precision Medicine and Privacy of Genomics Data

Genomics sequencing is the next big thing in big data. As part of Precision Medicine, sequencing can lead to highly individualized treatment that can save lives. But to fully realize its potential, sequencing from millions of patients must be subjected to rigor of research analytics. And there, as the Bard said, is the rub: Who …

Investors Gain More Investment Choices With Regulation A+

Posted in Finance on May 13, 2015 by Barton LLP

The SEC recently approved offerings of securities to non-accredited investors via a new regulation called Regulation A+ (“Reg. A+”). Under Reg A+, companies can offer up to $50M a year in sales of securities to non-accredited investors, without having to comply with all of the disclosure and regulatory requirements of a standard IPO. Until the …

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